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Vanessa Guillen Protests Mount After Murder Details Revealed, US Army Fumbles Investigation

Protests held in Solidarity with Vanessa Guillen family.

A very large protest was held in Santa Ana, California in front of the Armed Services Career Center – people observed social distancing and mask requirements as they expressed outrage over the brutal murder of Vanessa Guillen.

Anger mounts within the California Mexican community over the disappearance & murder of Private First Class Vanessa Guillen, a 21 year old US army soldier based in Ft. Hood, Texas. Questions continue to mount over US Army handling of the murder throughout the entire country and brutal outcome due to lack of oversight on cases of sexual harassment.

The details of the brutal killing can be seen elsewhere.

Investigation Reveals Perpetrators, Body

Phone records connecting various individuals to Vanessa Guillen have revealed that Guillen’s last exchanges occurred between US Army Specialist Aaron Robinson and Guillen. Robinson’s phone locations revealed the remains of Vanessa Guillen, while he remains one of those suspected of her murder. Unfortunately, for investigators, he has committed suicide.

Unresolved Questions

These leaves behind other questions as to the motive behind her killing, a possible connection to Sexual Harassment claims shared between Vanessa Guillen that went unnoticed. The murder of this 21 year old woman connects in still unknown ways to Ft. Hood’s surrounding issues, like forced prostitution rings and decadence in the official ranks.

By Ricardo Lezama

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