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Survey Indicates Mexicans May Weather Economic Storm Differently

Mexicans residing in the United States are showing signs that they may weather the economic storm differently from others

The survey group of 107 total US residents was split into two categories: Mexicans and non Mexicans. Non-Mexicans indicated an over 80 percent impact on economic activity (lost wages, hours) while fewer Mexicans comparatively, 46 percent, surveyed reported being impacted.

22 percent of Mexicans surveyed reported loss of work at a rate of 10 hours or less whereas 60 percent of non Mexicans reported losses in that range. Finally, the percentages for the two possible groups reporting an extreme loss – 20 hours or more – was similar: 24 percent of Mexican group compared while at 20 percent for non-Mexicans.

By Ricardo Lezama

Learn more about me in my website, but if you must know, I am a computational linguist through industry work and write about things that affect Chicano/Mexican community everywhere.

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