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Southern California Covid-19 Infection Totals Almost Like Entire South Africa or Mexico

Southern California totals for Covid-19 Infections are comparable to the entire sum of Covid-19 Infections in several countries including Mexico and South Africa.

The total number of infections for Southern California counties is 226,160 total, with 5625 deaths attributable to this novel Coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), which causes the Covid-19 infection.

The entire county of Mexico has a similar number of cases – 282, 283, according to the World Health Organization, with 33526 deaths over the course of its 5 months of dealing with the virus. Both number of infections and number of deaths have been questioned as too low and high, respectively.

South Africa, a much smaller nation than Mexico, has 250,687 infections, with 3860.

Ultimately, the fact that a geographically smaller region in the state of California can be mentioned in the same breadth as entire Upper-Middle Income countries should be concerning.

Lack of Leadership

The lack of centralized, national directives on mask wearing in the United States is largely to blame, along with a reopening plan that caused for an increase in dining, bar and commercial activities that require close, face-to-face contact.

Lockdown Gains Now Lost

In March, as the broader global public learned about the Coronavirus that upended consumer spending, public health and normal interactions (in that order), California’s was able to hold off all activities through a direct, state-wide lockdown, though several localities made their own shelter-in-place orders weeks earlier.

The 3 week lockdown was credited with keeping the very large and populous state with fewer infections than comparable regions, like New York.

Unfortunately, the subsequent pressure from large swathes of conservatives in Republican leaning counties, like Riverside and Orange, led to more consumer activity and more contact between individuals whom were asymptomatic with individuals who were not infected with the virus.

Republicans, Centrist Pressure For Business Had Impact

For instance, in early May, Rusty Bailey and Jim Steiner penned a letter pressuring Gavin Newsom to put Riverside on a fast track to reopen. Their constituency, neighbors may have had more skin in the certain businesses through gentrification, old money, and so on. They needed cash flow – we get it.

However, the data indicates community spread became more prevalent just as when employers felt they could be less transparent.

We are currently still awaiting the July 4th related infections as people may have opted to visit one another in large parties, gatherings.

CondadosCasosMuertesÚltima actualización
Los Angeles127,3583,73807/11/2020
San Bernardino16,80430407/10/2020
San Diego18,86342007/10/2020
Santa Barbara3,8682907/10/2020
Total de casos: 226,160Total de muertes: 5,625
Southern California data is most recent as many counties do not work to tabulate infection, death counts over the weekend.

By Ricardo Lezama

Learn more about me in my website, but if you must know, I am a computational linguist through industry work and write about things that affect Chicano/Mexican community everywhere.

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