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Beach Protests Spike Covid-19 Infections, Santa Ana Struggles

Deaths & infections in Santa Ana, California are rising sharply. At least, that is what is reported by the Orange County Public Health agency. A total of 458 infections have been reported in this city of 350,000 + people. Many are not grasping the new reality in which social distancing, physical space between large numbers of people is required per CDC, California government guidelines.

While neighboring Riverside County is mandating facial coverings too, Orange County appears more prone to the transmission of the Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes the Covid-19 infection due to its higher population density. And, people are more hesitant to adopt these measures.

Beach Protests Spike Covid-19 Infections

Beach protests that took place in Huntington Beach on Thursday, led us into this weekend with a 22 percent increase in infection cases within a day. These protests are now commonly thought to have accounted for the increase, according to a CNN reports. Social media users are frequently posting anecdotal data to suggest this is an underestimate.

Interestingly, the Huntington Beach City Council has been amenable to protestors, but has refused to back a lawsuit suggesting they are trying to placate rowdy voters and avoid liability later.

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