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Private Companies Want To Keep The Coronavirus Treatment Private

Usually the business press is very quick to reflect the views of their advertisers, colleges or personal political leanings. A recent news wire from Dow Jones, indicated that the drug industry is already hesitant to work towards a collective solution for the Coronavirus.

In a publication aimed at investors, the Dow Jones wire service intimidated the following:

The US government’s tight grip on availability of a coronavirus treatment developed by Gilead could be negative for the drug industry, SVB Leerink says.

Dow Jones relayed to the audience that the government’s control and mandated manufacturing plan was already scaring private investors, who have not shouldered some of the costs of research by the way.

“In our view, it sets an uneasy precedent for the industry,” Leerink analysts say, adding they hope the government lifts the controls as remdesivir supplies increase. ” We see this as one step short of the industry’s most feared outcome, which is ‘march-in’ rights involving the seizure of intellectual property and mandatory manufacturing and supply.”

You can contact the original writer of the Dow Jones wire here: (

By Ricardo Lezama

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