OCWR Strongly Recommends Use Of Face Covers In Landfills

Like in other emergency scenarios with soot, smoke or contaminants, the Covid-19 pandemic is requiring face covers for the protection of the lungs. Any sufficiently potent virus can spread via small particulates either airborne or latent in surfaces that come into contact with the different vulnerable orificies of the face. Like the flu, the Sars-Cov-2 virus, which causes the infection Covid-19, is capable of transmitting to individuals via a sneeze or cough where contaminated spores of the virus can enter the body through this pattern.

Thus, the Orange County Waste & Recycling group is recommending that individuals wear masks when entering landfills. This is so out of caution due to how little is known about the ability of the virus to survive in an external context.

There has also been a steady increase in the improper disposal of waste, leading to direct contributors of Covid-19 infection being present in these landfills.

An official communique was sent over last month to warn people of these dangers, but anecdotal evidence from Santa Ana, California suggests people walking around with masks or other protective gear.

By Ricardo Lezama

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