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In Southern California, Nearly 76k People Infected With Sars-COV-2

Human Impact: 3000+ Deaths, 76K Infections – Strill Growing

Unfortunately, more than 75,961 people in Southern California are suffering from the Covid-19 infection. This figure is a sum of all Southern California counties infection counts done today May 27, 2020. Worse still, 3,008 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19, the infection caused by contracting the Sars-Cov-2 virus. You can view more here:

The respiratory illness has impacted everyone in the Southern California area, with Los Angeles County leading the count in both new and current infections. We should remember that an extensive and early quarantine led to fewer numbers when compared to the very densely populated New York City area, which leads the nation with over 320,000 infections. Prevention undeniably saved lives, but new infections are still ocurring on a daily basis.

No Common Culture

Many are refusing to wear masks or facial coverings of some kind. As more has been learned about the virus, there have been changing and different recommendations as to how to deal with reducing the spread of infections – that’s normal in science. However, politics seems to never allow anyone to either make a mistake or change their mind based on current information.

This has led to too many divergent views and too many pseudo experts. For example, some business owners in Santa Ana, California, are cavalier about the approach to take when it comes to regulating interactions in crowded areas:

Mask Wearing Is Recommended … Not Everyone Partakes

Mental Exhaustion: Quarantine Fatigue, Lack Of Leadership

Even with people tired, the disease stays virulent.

Covid-19 infections are not letting up in many parts of the United States. Many areas, like New Jersey, New York are still suffering from new cases. Even large land masses like Texas are reporting higher rates of infection too.

Missouri was essentially rebuked by the US’ top clinicians for having so many individuals gathering in large crowds with little to no facial coverings. Ultimately, the opinion that many may die and is a personal choice ignores the fact that individuals could infect others.

Orange County’s Attitude Problem

This attitute problem is not limited to the Southern United States. Indeed, Southern California has its own sources for disinformation and business centric public health recommendations. For instance, the leadership vacuum from the conspiratorial Orange County supervisor Michelle Steel was on full display when she picked fights with the California Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Steel interprets the very same policies that helped California not become another New York as “a clear example of unnecessary government overreach,” County Supervisor Michelle Steel said. “His actions are arbitrary and capricious and is an act of retribution against Orange County.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Some officials are too insistent on their own constituents exceptional status, but if the 100,000 deaths that have ocurred in the United States have taught us anything, it is that no one is truly safe from exposure and from unwittingly spreading the disease.

Ultimately, the mental exhaustion of dealing with the Coronavirus quarantine and mitigation measures is sowing discontent and anxiety. These two factors are being exploited heavily by conservative elements of Orange County. We must stay vigilant both about the real numbers pertaining to the infection and falsehoods and misdirections about solid public health initiatives.

By Ricardo Lezama

Learn more about me in my website, but if you must know, I am a computational linguist through industry work and write about things that affect Chicano/Mexican community everywhere.

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