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Riverside County Supervisor Who Pushed For Earlier Reopening Now Has Coronavirus

In a news letter to her constituents, Riverside County supervisor Karen Spiegel revealed she has the coronavirus. Apparently, after 14 days of quarantine from a Riverside County office outbreak, Supervisor Spiegel was negative during that time but later exhibited symptoms after her quarantine. She revealed that exposure to an asymptomatic family member led to her […]

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Southern California Covid-19 Infection Totals Almost Like Entire South Africa or Mexico

Southern California totals for Covid-19 Infections are comparable to the entire sum of Covid-19 Infections in several countries including Mexico and South Africa. The total number of infections for Southern California counties is 226,160 total, with 5625 deaths attributable to this novel Coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), which causes the Covid-19 infection. The entire county of Mexico has […]

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Federal Stimulus Approaching Moral Hazard

Incredibly, the stock market is reaching unprecedented highs thanks to a constant purchase of corporate debt by the US Federal Reserve. NASDAQ had a record day today as money trickles into riskier stocks. The US Federal Reserve is freely purchasing positions in ETF’s (Electronically Traded Funds) which is helping support the value of stocks. Propping […]

California Coronavirus Economy Orange County Riverside County

In Southern California, Nearly 76k People Infected With Sars-COV-2

Human Impact: 3000+ Deaths, 76K Infections – Strill Growing Unfortunately, more than 75,961 people in Southern California are suffering from the Covid-19 infection. This figure is a sum of all Southern California counties infection counts done today May 27, 2020. Worse still, 3,008 deaths have been attributed to Covid-19, the infection caused by contracting the […]

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Southern California Reopens – Sorta?

Southern California has now entered phase 2 of the quarantine, where some businesses are permitted to conduct curbside pick-up and less tactile forms of conducting business in the region. This is just in time for Memorial Day weekend, but limited business still exhibited quite a few worrisome trends, like lack of face coverings.

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Before You Start Heading to Huntington Beach …

Yesterday, reports on a potential vaccine showing positive results appeared to have driven an optimism frenzy both in the stock market and in general public sentiment. However, a report published today in StatNews indicates the positive outlook was based on unconfirmed data – invalidating the conclusion reached. Regardless, the vaccine and publicity received by the […]

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Researchers, Software Developers Create Intuitive Covid-19 Intensity Map

In an effort to aid regional decision making, SugarBearAI, a software development group, has released a map reporting the most current death and infection outbreak figures in an easy to understand way. Data Sources The map pulls directly from county websites instead of relying on downstream counts from larger, more well known organizations who are […]

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Santa Ana’s Roots May Save It’s Future

As some businesses board up, leave town or simply struggle to pivot for the moment at hand, others are selling on the corner, pleasing the local public with traditional cuisine or simply trying their best to hang with a cup of coffee. How’s your town doing and what needs to change or stay the same? […]

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Private Companies Want To Keep The Coronavirus Treatment Private

Usually the business press is very quick to reflect the views of their advertisers, colleges or personal political leanings. A recent news wire from Dow Jones, indicated that the drug industry is already hesitant to work towards a collective solution for the Coronavirus. In a publication aimed at investors, the Dow Jones wire service intimidated […]

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Survey On Economic Impact of Covid-19 on California Mexicans

A survey is being conducted by the organizations SugarBearAI & LaCartita to understand the economic impact of Covid-19 over the Mexican community of California. The survey is asking whether Mexicans have lost employment, hours or other economic tangibles due to Covid-19 infection and lockdowns. If you would like to participate, please fill out the form […]