Canelo Outclasses GGG In 3rd Match Of Their Five Year Rivalry

by Ricardo Lezama

Canelo fought Triple G for the third and final time on 9/17/22

Mexican boxer, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (32), fought Gennady Golovkin at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the third and final time. The match took place at 168 pound division where Canelo reigns supreme as the undisputed champion in the division.

Unlike their first fight in 2017, this time Triple G was required to move up a single weight division which can make a significant impact on a boxer’s speed and potential endurance.

The Trilogy

The future hall of famers gave fans the much awaited fight, but Saul “Canelo” Alvarez ran away with the bout’s victory decisively.

The PPV was available for 62 dollars for subscribers of DAZN.

Heavy shots were thrown by Canelo, but Triple G was mostly mute for the first 6 rounds of the fight as Canelo fought Gennady in the same manner as he did Callum Smith. I gave him 3 rounds to be honest.

Canelo continued to pummel the body in order to soften Golovkin and guarantee that ay offensive onslaught from GGG would be dampened.

In this third bout, Gennady fought ‘tentative’ as the announcers described with his offensive capacities not set into motion until later in the fight. Most fight fans saw it the same:

Here’s a few examples on Twitter

The opinions were the same for boxing experts. A nearly total wipeout for Canelo in Dan Rafael’s view:

Vergil Ortiz Jr with his take…

Canelo looks to be taking an extended break as his left hand appears to have been torn through overtraining and multiple bouts with world champions. The fighter looked much better at this weight category with his conditioning not in question as it was in his last bout which took place in the 175lb category.

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